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Taisa Wrote a Graphic Novel


After roughly a year and a half, and four drafts, I am happy to say my graphic novel is written. I’ll still need to make adjustments along the way but the plot and dialogue are sorted out. Going forward I have page layouts, and lots of concept art to do. 

Taisa's Comic Script, 2018

Taisa's Comic Script, 2018



This has been a side project, mostly done in short increments in my spare time. A few times I would work on it all day but that hardly ever happened. Usually I wrote when I’d otherwise be playing video games or watching tv. I pegged away scene by scene over time and it’s all added up.

My comic will be the source of a lot of art. Next up is getting references, sketching characters, environments, etc. The world building is mostly visual so the artwork needs to have plenty of content. I’ve put a lot of detail in the writing so I look forward to thinking through the visuals too. There’s still a lot to be done so I’ll have updates across all social media.