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What We Learned From Selling at Our First Convention

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As we have posted a bit on our social media accounts, we recently sold art at a convention for the very first time at the Greenville NC Comic Con and boy was it fun!  We had a blast talking to people and seeing all the cosplays.  Seeing peoples' reaction to our art in person was also a fantastic learning experience for us as it helps us see not only which pieces make an impact but in what applications.  As anyone who's ever sold at a convention may be able to attest, there are some things you should think about going in.  We actually kept a running list of things to do/not do the next time around.


Our overall setup from afar

Our overall setup from afar

Larger variety of artwork - We didn't want to wait for some magical time in the future to start selling and we believe the best time to start any venture is always the present.  It would have been nice to have more options for people so this is something we are working on currently.

More vertical space - Slightly contradictory to the above, we had quite a bit of items and it would have been great to spread out more.  Of course getting more table space at conventions isn't something you can always so anything to get things *up* is always better.  It also catches peoples' eyes better.  We did have the banner which was great!  

Extra table cloth - you may be able to see in the pictures posted here but our table didn't quite cover the whole table.  Apparently different conventions have different size tables (according to our neighbors). Either get different size clothes or use multiple clothes.  

NO GIANT PRINTS - These huge prints were difficult to work with in every way.  They're hard to store, hard to put on the table, more difficult to transport and they are actually overwhelming for potential customers.  We actually pulled these from our store on here because for us they completely violate the law of diminishing returns.

Giant print taking up tons of space!

Giant print taking up tons of space!


More small ticket items - This may not be a problem at certain conventions but when selling where there may be a younger audience or people with more mainstream tastes its better to give them options.  There are people who want original work and such, but it's good to have something for everyone.  This is an area where we artists can get creative!

Give con-goers something to interact with - People enjoyed flipping through our portfolio.  It keeps them at the table longer and seems to be more fun for them since it gives them something to "do" other than just walk around.

Bring Water - This should be self explanatory.  Fortunately there were two of us and one of us could run to the Walmart across the street.

Bring change and something to put it in - Obvious but easy to forget in all the hustle and bustle.

Bring chapstick - talking all day with dry chapped lips is not okay.  #firstworldproblems


Portfolio full of drawings for sale

Portfolio full of drawings for sale

These are the lessons we learned from our first convention experience.  Share this with someone who is interested in selling work.  We would also love to hear YOUR tales of convention craziness.  

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