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We Crushed it in 2018

We hope everyone had a safe and wonderful new year so far!  In looking at all the things we have planned for 2019, we wanted to take time to reflect on all the work we did last year.  If you take a look at some of our previous blog posts you will see t hat we have really thrown ourselves headfirst in doing many drawings and just getting our ideas out in a familiar medium.  After reviewing everything, we really feel like this has propelled our body of work.  Not only do we have more artwork in existence but dumping all of these ideas out in quick succession has actually given us a list of new ideas for the future. 

In the book Art and Fear (#notsponsored) a main takeaway is to make more work so you can work out the kinks in your process and improve faster.  This is something we have been implementing the past 2-3 years with what we believe to be immense success.  We truly are happy with the process we have made in our journey as artists.  We hope the progress we have made just by putting in focused effort is something that can inspire you in whatever you are doing!

We wish you all a blessed and productive new year!  As much as we value actual production of artwork, we do want to include you in our journey as well.  We will be releasing announcements over the weeks and months.

Taisa 2018 compilation.jpg
Tyra 2018 compilation.jpg