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Taking ideas for granted

I’m working on a graphic novel, and after multiple drafts the script is complete. I wrote it without input and let Tyra read it afterwards and it’s a good thing too! Occasionally she’d come back to me with questions about events in the story and it was almost always something that made sense in my head but I didn’t say it in writing. I’ve been with the story so long that things make sense to me but not necessarily the reader. My thought process is “of course events happen a certain way”. But that’s only because I feel like they have to. I was taking for granted that plot points would happen. I got tunnel vision and ignored how it came to be while confusing everyone else.

This is why constructive criticism is so important. Many times artists, and not just beginners, don’t want to hear constructive critique because the work is so precious they can’t stand to have their baby spoken ill of. But if you make art with the intention of sharing or selling then it has to make sense to someone besides you. I wrote it to entertain myself. I was working on my comic script for a long time so I got used to the idea of it existing. The funny thing is, it didn’t take that much adjustment to make it comprehensible to Tyra. I only had to add more details, or short transitions to clear things up. And the revisions enrich the story, so it’s even more enjoyable for everyone.

Main character Primrose
Tyra Oliver