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Rediscovering our Forgotten Medium, Graphite

Tyra and I frequently show graphite drawings all over our web presence, but usually they are sketches or studies. Since we’ve been concentrating on painting and ink, graphite seem to have been demoted as far as finished work has been concerned. But we started out drawing in almost exclusively graphite and lately we’ve been rediscovering our graphite roots. graphite 2

Art involves a lot of delayed pay off so it is nice to use a relatively neat material that is portable and that we’ve used our whole lives. Even if a painting takes days and weeks we have the finished product of a drawing to carry us on till the painting is complete.

We spend a lot of time on our value stages anyway, so the next logical step is complete value drawings. Our workflow involves increasingly more complex value drawings so there’s no reason not to make finished graphite work. It’s important not to get hung up on using the “right” material. It sounds fancier to say “I am painting” versus “I am drawing” but if a drawing can’t be developed anymore without overworking it’s Finished Art.

graphite 3