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Steampunk Seasons Drawings Complete

We talk ad nauseum on this site about the importance of focused effort and this series is a prime example of what we mean.  Taisa has been working on this series of drawings for the past several months and has completed the drawing phase.  Now is not the time to rest because she will painting these in acrylic paint.  We will be posting progress photos of course.   

Seasons Inked.jpg
Video: Drawing foliage

Our newest video is up on YouTube!  It contains Taisa working on the pen and ink drawing phase of what will become an acrylic wash painting.  She explains her process, a few tips and tricks and there’s even some of our twin banter on there.  Comment if there is content you’d like to see from us and share with someone who would find this type of content interesting. https://youtu.be/qJRtN1GgGhU


Fun with Ink and Color

I'm currently working on a series of illustrations chronicling the life of a royal family. Royal portrait

I'm using ink and color pencil on my old standby, Bristol paper. I've been playing around with the medium for the past two days and did some experimenting with toned paper.

I want to work on marrying the ink and color more, and using the tone of the paper is just an added bonus. This just goes to show the breakthroughs you can get when you don't rely on the same techniques all the time. I have a whole sketchbook to fill, the last page will be very interesting.